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Why we won: Nestlé Hellas – 2017 Loyalty Magazine Awards winners tell their stories

Nestlé Hellas


Winner of Best Loyalty Programme of the Year

Why we won: With more than 150,000 registered active members in less than one year from its launch, NestléNoiazomai (NestléCare in Greek) has proved a big success with customers as the first loyalty programme to reward daily spending on all Nestlé Hellas products.

Mobile is at the heart of the NestléNoiazomai programme, which Nestlé Hellas launched in Greece in 2015 to bring the FMCG brand closer to its customers.

Mobile loyalty solutions company Warply designed and developed its mobile app, with features such as the “receipt scan technology” based on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, that connects all Nestlé Hellas product purchases and delivers loyalty points to customers. The process is streamlined and user-friendly: Users take a photo of their supermarket receipt and choose the Nestlé products that they purchased to instantly earn loyalty points. The algorithm automatically validates each receipt and awards the appropriate number of points, sending a Push notification for every successful validation.

The Android and iOS app helps to make the programme highly interactive, with the most engaged members earning extra reward points. Members can access a wide variety of branded and non-branded content about nutrition, health and well-being issues, and they are encouraged to participate in contests, provide reviews, respond to promotions, share content on social media, and take part in CSR and donation campaigns.

The app was downloaded more than 40,000 times in the first 3 months after it became available in October 2016. Other numbers from the programme are equally impressive:

– More than 350,000 coupons have been printed and redeemed by members from their purchases of Nestlé products (original objective was 200,000)
– The cost of the programme was covered threefold within the first year
– Over 70 interactive campaigns at targeted audiences for all Nestlé brands

The programme has created benefits for both Nestlé Hellas and its customers.

For customers, the high level of inter-activity has increased engagement and satisfaction. Users can easily earn loyalty points in a variety of ways, redeeming them by creating offers and loyalty coupons.

Nestlé and its FMCG brands have gained insights about member preferences and daily habits, enabling more personalised and targeted campaigns.

Nestlé Hellas  worked with marketing agency Warply on this initiative.


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