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Who will you meet this year?

500+ people with loyalty in their DNA, present in one place

Meet them, laugh with them, communicate with them, but don’t MISS them.

The Loyalty Magazine Awards is a once in a year event that can’t be replicated. And it takes just one business contact to be worth your investment in attending. If you are a customer facing business, there will be people who have the expertise to solve your problems. If you are a service providers, well, the room is full of potential customers!

WARNING: There are a limited number of tables left. Book one now or they will be gone.

And don’t forget how useful The Loyalty Magazine Awards can be as a customer entertainment event. Wow them with the venue, the quality dinner, the entertainment, and the fantastic awards presentation.

The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2017, June 20th, The Pavilion, Tower of London:
Book your table online at internationalloyaltyawards.com or contact maxine@cm-media.net +44 (0)1572 820088.

The Loyalty Magazine Awards sponsors are: Prime sponsor: Bink. Category sponsors: Aimia, For Good Causes, Comarch, Yoyo and tranxactor. Business card sponsor: Qivos

The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2017:
This is the sixth year of The Loyalty Magazine Awards and everyone agrees that once again it is an outstanding Shortlist of entries for 2017. Particularly noticeable this year, is how companies are using technological innovations, not to make things more complicated, but to SIMPLIFY communications with customers.

Want to know more? Then don’t miss The Loyalty Magazine Gala Evening on June 20th, at The Pavilion, Tower of London.
Book your table online at internationalloyaltyawards.com or contact maxine@cm-media.net +44 (0)1572 820088.
Editorial queries: Annich McIntosh, CEO The Loyalty Magazine Awards: amcintosh@cm-media.net

PLEASE NOTE: The shortlists for the three Regional Awards, and the Personality or Organisation of the Year are not announced until the party night on June 20th, at The Pavilion, Tower of London. Make sure you are there!

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