New year, new chance to win

Only four weeks left to enter the most important loyalty awards

It seemed months away in December, but now we are back after the New Year break, there really is no time to lose in writing your entry. The Loyalty Magazine Awards entry deadline is getting dangerously close.

February 15th 2017 should be circled in red on your calendar. But why leave your entry until the last minute? Start writing today, and you will be amazed how quickly it will be finished.

Offering a helping hand

If you want to win a coveted Loyalty award, then first you must enter!

Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure the entry is submitted  in the name of the end user (retailer, bank, customer-facing organisation etc). This is much more attractive to the judges than if the entry comes from a supplier. This doesn’t mean that the supplier can’t help compose and submit the entry. (Or bask in the glory).
  2. Don’t assume knowledge. Explain how the scheme works, where it is operational, what it has achieved and what difference it has made.
  3. Supply data. Nothing pleases The Loyalty Magazine Awards judges more than hard facts, so get number punching! All our judges sign non-disclosure agreements and we agree not to publish anything that is marked not for publication. But get that data in the entry, it will make a lot of difference to your chances of winning.
  4. Enter multiple categories. It is impossible to know in advance which categories will be popular and which will have less entries, so where possible, enter more than one category to increase your chances of winning a prize. (Think of it as a chess game.) Remember to tailor the entry for each individual category though.
  5. Read the criteria for each category carefully. The Loyalty Magazine Awards judges refer back to these whenever there is a contentious issue, or where opinion is divided. Make sure you don’t miss out because of a technicality.
  6. Tell the story. Judges are only human, and there is a great deal to read. Get them on your side by inspiring them with your journey to great customer loyalty.
  7. If your entry is about new technology, make sure you explain how it works and what you have achieved with it. The fact alone that you now use an XXX algorythmical grommet is not going to impress, but if you say it provides a new level of analysis that has resulted in a yyy% increase in retention then this is impressive! At the same time, make sure you tell us of a new technology innovation, especially if it is a customer pleaser.
  8. Short term loyalty programmes. Loyalty is evolving and short term loyalty initiatives are an increasingly important element for many retailers. Make sure you enter your best programmes, both in the Short Term Loyalty category and in other appropriate categories, such as marketing,  Best Use of Mobile within a Loyalty Strategy perhaps, or maybe Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty or Best User Experience. In addition, if your short term loyalty programme has had a proven effect on long term loyalty, and you can show this, why not also submit your entry for this?

If your loyalty programme focuses on the fun element, then make sure we know about it. Consider Gamification, or Best Loyalty Industry Innovation, or Best Use of Technology in a Loyalty Programme.

  1. If as a supplier, you are entering multiple entries on behalf of several retailers, make sure you brand the entries separately for each client, otherwise the judges may think that all the entries come from the same organisation.
  2. Make it clear for the judges. Our judging panel is made up of independent experts from across the World, so they may not be familiar with your particular campaign. Describe, put in context, explain, illustrate, prove with data, WIN!

In conclusion

Winning a Loyalty Magazine Award is hugely beneficial both for marketing purposes and to raise the morale of your team, so don’t delay. It is not that arduous. All we need is a good strong title, a 250 word synopsis and a longer explanation – up to 1000 words, but not necessarily that long) of something you are proud of.

Still stuck? Contact a member of our awards team at 01572 820088 and we will be happy to advise on any queries.

Visit for a digital copy of the Call for Entries and an entry form

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The Loyalty Magazine Awards were launched six years ago to pay tribute to excellence in the practice of customer loyalty and retention throughout the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, with India joining the roster in 2017.

Loyalty is defined as encompassing any type of customer interaction. It is not confined to reward programmes. “Customer experience remains at the top of the priority list for most companies, and technology is enabling some really interesting initiatives. But achieving customer loyalty is a difficult challenge,” said Annich McIntosh, Loyalty Magazine editor and CEO of the awards. “The companies managing to win a Loyalty Magazine Award are at the very top of their game and deserve the recognition.

Looking forward

In 2017 we are expecting to see really exciting and ground breaking examples of best loyalty and customer experience practice from all countries. We expect them to include a great deal of mobile connectivity, perhaps some blockchain initiatives, plenty of interesting customer experience successes, a huge amount of analytics, and a good sprinkling of brilliance.


There have been some minor changes to the categories to keep them up to date and relevant. These include:

The Regional Awards definitions have been altered to make them fairer and of course India is added to the growing number of countries that The Loyalty Magazine Awards cover.

The Regions are now:

  • Western Europe
  • Central and Eastern Europe including Russia and Turkey
  • Middle East, Africa and India

There will be no separate Mobile Wallet category this year. Mobile Wallet entries can be submitted in a number of categories, including Technology and Innovation and the two mobile categories (Best Use of Mobile Within a Loyalty Strategy and Best Loyalty Programme Within the Telecoms sector).

Visit for more information or contact if you have a question and one of the team will respond.

Don’t forget to submit your entries before the deadline of February 15th, 2017.

ENTRY DEADLINE: February 15, 2017
Shortlist Announced: Mid-April
The Loyalty Magazine Awards and Gala Dinner: June 20th
Venue for The Loyalty Magazine Awards Gala Evening: Everyone enjoyed the venue of The Pavilion at The Tower of London so much that we are returning there again in 2017, so see you there on June 20th

Editorial queries: Contact Annich McIntosh,, tel: +44 (0)1572 820088

Follow us on Twitter: @loyaltyMawards

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