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New this year: Loyalty Re-defined and Eco-loyalty Initiative of the Year

It has been a transformative year for customer loyalty, with many programmes revamping their offerings, and most companies looking afresh at how they reward their customers and how they connect with them.

The Loyalty Magazine Awards reflect this feeling of transition and new ways of thinking. We have renamed the Loyalty Without a Name category to Loyalty Re-defined because to some extent, this is what we are all doing with our businesses.

Other changes this year are that Best Loyalty Programme of the Year Retail and Best Loyalty Programme of the Year  Non-Retail have been merged because there is so much cross over – and Best Use of Mobile Within a Loyalty Strategy (including mobile wallet) has been renamed Best Use of Mobile & Social – to reflect the evolution in the way we live our lives.

Lastly and significantly, we have a new category, called Eco-loyalty Initiative of the Year. Recent studies are showing that sustainability, a call for a reduced use of plastic, and the urgent need to address climate change are major concerns for customers. It seems only right that customer facing organisations should use positive eco behaviour both to reward customers for their actions, and to demonstrate their own commitment to helping the environment.

We expect entries to take many forms – from hotels rewarding guests for less use of towels or toiletries, through to retailers who commit to a lower plastic policy, or who, for example donate funds to sustainability initiatives to offset their impact on the environment. It could be an innovative or charitable approach to food waste, or a move away from carbon producing goods, services and transport. There are endless opportunities for organisations to demonstrate their green credentials in this category and we look forward to receiving entries that demonstrate the power of customer loyalty to bring about change.

Is 2020 YOUR year?

Every year the entries to The Loyalty Magazine Awards demonstrate the ability of our industry to show innovation, fresh thinking and creativity. Using technology, customer loyalty initiatives can be exciting, interesting and beneficial to all parties. We wish you success with your entries. Download the Call for Entries Booklet NOW! Entries close on February 28, 2020.

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