New prime sponsor for the International Loyalty Awards 2023

Introducing Nayax CoinBridge

The International Loyalty Awards are proud to announce that Nayax CoinBridge is the prime sponsor for 2023.

Nayax CoinBridge is the new prime sponsor for the International Loyalty Awards 2023

CoinBridge, a Nayax (Nasdaq: NYAX) division, has developed a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the loyalty to payments industry.

CoinBridge was built to fill a legacy market void by solving a long-lasting pain of the retail industry in executing loyalty assets as a form of payment, while providing customers with greater financial freedom to spend their points, rewards, vouchers and gift-cards at any merchant, shop, and website – worldwide.

With CoinBridge retailers and loyalty clubs can allow their customers to pay with their points, stars, miles, vouchers, gift-card anywhere – directly from retailers’ mobile apps, without the hassle of retail POS and merchant integrations, lengthy technological projects, merchants’ financial settlement, regulatory and financial licensing, and complex CRM/ERP implementations.

CoinBridge seamlessly converts any digital assets to real cash transactions over the credit card network, at the purchase event, utilizing its patented assets conversion platform and Mastercard issuing license. So, any merchant or website which accept credit card transactions, will now accept loyalty assets as a payment method. 

By allowing retailers to offer payment with loyalty assets outside their own outlets and increase their rewards network reach, CoinBridge provides them a simple way to increase consumer engagement, drive higher customer visitation frequency at their brand, as well as further leverage consumer purchase data to personalize propositions, increase loyalty, and optimize brand performance.

CoinBridge delivers it all as a ready-to-go holistic solution, covering all technology, regulation, financial settlement, digital assets conversion, transaction lifecycle, spending policy management, and card issuing aspects. Retailers just need to embed the CoinBridge SDK software within their existing loyalty application, to launch hassle-fee loyalty payment solutions.  

Nayax CoinBridge will be announcing a number of partnerships with brands in various markets over the next few months.

Commenting on the sponsorship of the International Loyalty Awards, General Manager Guy Rosenhoiz said: “CoinBridge is leading a fundamental paradigm shift in the world of loyalty with fast and easy implementation and superb payment experience. Our goal is to provide the retail and loyalty club industries with a game-changing solution that addresses real market pains, eliminates all technological and regulatory barriers to implementing loyalty to payment solutions, for redeeming points, rewards, and gift cards anywhere in the world – while increasing customers’ financial freedom. Expensive and lengthy integrations with each POS and every business, inflexibility redemption policies, and an outdated payment experience – are all a thing of the past.”

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Contact: Julia Nevecheria, Strategic Partnerships


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