Latest sponsor for Loyalty Magazine Awards

Cheetah Digital is the latest company to announce it is to sponsor The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020.

Cheetah Digital delivers personalised experiences, cross-channel messaging and loyalty programs using its Customer Engagement Suite, underpinned by its engagement data platform. This enables marketers to rapidly scale and meet the changing demands of today’s consumer.

Cheetah Digital - latest sponsor of the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020

The company was founded in 1998, as a pioneer in digital marketing using the name CheetahMail. It was acquired by Experian six years later and became a key component of its marketing services business. In 2017, it was acquired by the current management and has grown to become the largest independent enterprise marketing technology company in the world. It has recently acquired several companies, including Stella Loyalty. Global from the start, it focuses on a customer base made up of large companies and brands with large databases.

One of its core strengths is the ability to interrogate to an extremely granular level based on information in real time, that is pulled from multiple sources including website, POS, social, and all other touchpoints. This is then turned into something that is meaningful at a reasonable cost. 

Cheetah Digital claims it is unique in the loyalty business because it is dedicated to working with marketers. It also achieves loyalty of its own customer base. “Several of our clients around the world have been with us for more than 15 years and over that time, feedback from them has been fed directly back into the product so we can learn from everyone’s customers. This shows the importance to all parties of our two-way dialogue,” said Jon Siegal – VP Global Loyalty at Cheetah Digital. 

Rational and emotional

Cheetah Digital works in a world of rational data analysis, but there is strong focus on the importance of emotional engagement.

Jon Siegal “It is crucial that brands have an emotional connection with their customers, and that they understand how to use loyalty to drive revenue. If you can increase attention by 5%, it is reflected in a 25% to 90% increase in profit. This puts between 5% and 95% on the bottom line.”

“If you can make an emotional connection, 90% of customers are likely to stay and 86% are likely to spend an increased amount with the brand. There is huge potential to increase revenue through customer loyalty.” 

Asked why Cheetah Digital had chosen to sponsor The Loyalty Magazine Awards Jon Siegal said: “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to sponsor Loyalty Magazine Awards.  This event celebrates the achievements of companies and organisations excelling and achieving the extraordinary in consumer loyalty, and it’s those strategies that Cheetah Digital is focused on supporting. We strive to provide these brands with all the capabilities they need to deliver those experiences that exceed customer expectations. As we tell our customers and prospects: loyalty is an outcome, not a tactic. We are helping push marketers to shift their approach to a value exchange marketing strategy, helping brands build their relationshipsbeyond just transactional loyalty, to create affinity, attachment & trust with their customers – developing emotional loyalty.” 


The Loyalty Magazine Awards list of finalists have been announced and the shortlist with descriptions are published. The printed Loyalty Magazine has been posted out as usual and the online version is available to download from this site – simply click on the front cover.

New categories for this year are Best Eco-loyalty Initiative of the Year and Loyalty Re-defined.

Judging of the Finalists is due to begin shortly, and the Winners will be announced in June.

The Loyalty Magazine Awards Gala evening 

Alternative arrangements are being planned in the light of Covid-19 coronavirus constraints but Loyalty Magazine says all Winners will receive their trophies and be celebrated for excellence, innovation and sheer brilliance in loyalty regardless of whether or when the June gala evening can take place. More information as it is available at both internationalloyaltyawards.comand www.loyaltymagazine.comwhere we will be working to keep everyone updated on loyalty developments as they happen.

Cheetah Digital joins a prestigious line-up of sponsors:

Currency Alliance, LoyLogic, Epoints, Tranxactor, m-wise

More information:

Cheetah Digital:

The Loyalty Magazine Awards:

Tel: +44 (0)1572 820088

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