In 2016 there were two panels, in 2017 there were three panels, and in 2018 there were four! This is because each year, more companies want the opportunity to win a coveted Loyalty Award, so each year we have to bring onboard more judges!

In 2021 we went online which had unexpected and hugely appreciated judging benefits.

It was an extremely insightful two days when these experts from across the world debated, discussed, argued – and eventually reached consensus!

For a start, all the judges from far-flung places could take part in the whole process. This added a real global dimension to the process. We judged across 2 days, and the judges were unanimous in their enthusiasm and approval. We also included a film of the judges talking about what particularly impressed them, and this can still be viewed in the 2020 awards online presentation, which you can still view HERE…

In 2022, the judging panel for the International will be reinforced with even more experience and expertise from all regions, and once again, it will happen remotely.

Who is invited to join the panel: Our independent experts either specialise in a particular field, or have a broad  insight into the many different elements of the loyalty industry. They include representatives from loyalty service providers, independent consultants and business commentators both from an industry and consumer perspective. We are hugely grateful for their hard work and contribution.