International Loyalty Awards Finalists

Descriptions of every entry that has made it to the final stage

Launching an awards competition after a pandemic is a little like lighting a firework and hoping it isn’t damp.

So you wait, and you hope – with fingers crossed that people really had been working hard during the lockdowns to reinvent, reimagine and reboot their loyalty programmes; that the new initiatives were ready to shout about; that teams were not too exhausted by covid to think beyond the mask wearing and the anti-bac.

But it was all OK. In fact it was more than OK, it was incredible! The entries started coming in slowly, and then they speeded up and soon it was a flood of outstanding work that just took our breath away.

Of course this presented a problem. Some categories were three times over-subscribed, so some entries, however worthy, would fail to make the shortlist, because there were other entries that proved to be even better.

But the work was done, sacrifices made and the final list announced.

And here it is, with descriptions because we know how much you want to understand what the Finalist’s entries contained and why they were good enough to enter the final stages of the competition.

There is so much more to tell, and in the coming weeks, we will be exploring some of the trends. After the Gala Awards evening on June 14, we will profile the winners in more detail.

We hope you find this review useful. And we look forward to seeing you in June. Because this will be the biggest Loyalty party in the whole world, because it has been a long time in the waiting, and because you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Download the International Loyalty Awards Finalists report, and find out what the brands at the top of the loyalty game are getting up to.

Download the PDF of The International Loyalty Award 2022 FINALISTS – Special Report