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How To Enter The International Loyalty Awards

How To Enter?

The following three piece of information needs to be written up in English and be uploaded as part of the online entry process.

Check out our tips & recommendations on submitting a successful submission below.

1. Title & Synopsis

Please include a maximum 10-word title (see naming convention below) and a 50-word entry description, which will be used in the finalists publication as well as across all marketing channels including our media partners, and the loyalty leader, Loyalty Magazine.

The ‘file name’ for your title and synopsis must be submitted using the following naming convention:

Name of Loyalty Program – Customer Facing Company E.g. Loyalty Rocks (Name of Loyalty Program) – International Ltd (Customer Facing Company)

If you are an Agency submitting on behalf of a client the naming convention is:

Name of Loyalty Program – Customer Facing Company with Agency Name E.g. Loyalty Rocks (Name of Loyalty Program) – International Ltd (Customer Facing Company) with Buildloyalty (Agency Name)

Logos & Images

Please submit a ‘high resolution‘ logo plus a minimum of 2 images for each entry which will be used in the Finalists and Winners publications.

  • Logo must be an eps/vector file
  • Images must be 1000 pixels wide at 300dpi
  • Video footage must be of broadcast quality
2. Your Loyalty Program

This will only be published in the winners’ magazines if you win an award on the night. It should be an extension of the synopsis at Step 1 and, in 100 words, explain how your loyalty program works and the key reasons why it is so successful.

File naming convention is: Step 2: About Your Loyalty Program – Name of Loyalty Program

3. Summary

Please submit a 250-word description in bullet point form summarising the important points of your entry. This provides a useful overview for judges who may not know about your product or service. Use the same question headings as your 1,000-word statement at Step 4 

4. Submission Paper

(Structure outlined in purple box below) Your submission paper must take the form of a word-processed statement (1,000 words max/ equivalent to two pages of A4/US letter) in the format outlined (box on right). Please use the section headings in your document. (Headings are not part of the word count. You don’t have to use the full 1,000 words, judges admire concise entries).

File naming convention is: Step 4:
Submission Paper – Name of Loyalty Program

4. Submission Paper Structure


Description of the project (product, service, program or campaign) for which your company is entering this award category. Include the aims and objectives of the initiative, project or program


What has your project achieved to qualify for this award? Include scope of program or initiative, choice of implementation or approach. (Some categories will stipulate that this should be within the period from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022 to qualify for this award)


What benefits to your company and your customers can be illustrated as a result? (i.e. competitive advantage, effectiveness, ROI, improved performance, service)


What two measurements of success best indicate why your company or the project should win this award? Please relate results and outcomes to the original objectives

Tips on submitting a successful application

The judges will shortlist entries based on the main submission papers and your bulleted 250-word synopsis. You should ensure that these clearly explain your project without any supporting material. Supporting material will only be made available to the judges at the final judging sessions.

Be concise and succinct in summarizing your achievements for the judges. Remember that the judges have a lot to read, so keep things simple. While the content must address the criteria, innovative ways of presenting the information are welcome (including video submissions).

Read the individual category criteria carefully, even if you are a regular entrant, because we amend and adapt them every year to keep the International Loyalty Awards relevant and up to date.

Include only relevant detail, be specific, give clear tangible examples and include supporting evidence where possible to complement your entry. Provide a link to where videos can be viewed.

Don’t assume knowledge or understanding. Please explain all references and avoid abbreviations, using clear, simple English. Supporting evidence in the form of data is very powerful and provides the judges with a means to differentiate entries.


Best of luck to all our Entrants

Need help or assistance contact info@internationalloyaltyawards.com