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Big Loyalty Magazine Announcement!

The Loyalty Magazine Awards are still taking place on June 16th!

Wherever you are in the world, put on your party clothes, pour yourself a cocktail and get networking!

The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020, June 16th, 3pm GMT +1 (British Summer Time)

There will be music, drama, excitement, laughter and colleagues – in fact everything that has made The Loyalty Magazine Awards the most important and anticipated loyalty event in the world.

And you can be there – every one of you! So Register NOW

  • Network during the cocktail party from 3pm GMT+1 (British Summer Time) – and don’t forget your virtual business cards – the rest of the loyalty business will be there too!
  • Watch the live presentation of the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020 starting at 4pm GMT +1 (British Summer Time)
  • Was there someone you didn’t get to talk to during the cocktail hour? Don’t worry, the aftershow party is taking place directly after the awards presentation finishes
  • Do you want to be more interactive? Share your photos – we want to see your party clothes; Why don’t you message using social media?Join our groups on twitter and linkedin; be creative!
  • Are you shortlisted? Don’t worry if you are nervous, it is to be expected. Make sure your colleagues are watching too so you can support each other, 
  • And maybe, just maybe, you will be a winner! Then they will be there to help you celebrate big time! And get your acceptance speech ready – just in case – we will be inviting winners to the stage
  • Were you nominated in the 30 Under 40 list of Loyalty high achieving Royalty? The full list with be announced with name calls and photos. Don’t miss it. And again – send some video footage – we want you to be part of the fun.

Next steps: Let us know if you want to join the party by emailing us at info@theloyaltymagazineawards.com– and send this to everyone you know

We will be announcing how to attend in more detail soon. Right now, we want to get the word out. No pesky pandemic is going to stop this party!

For now, make sure your colleagues, friends, business partners, clients and anyone else working in loyalty knows you will be at the party. Send them a message now!

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